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It all started with …

A man, a Little Traeger smoker and the most enthusiastic group of eaters in the entire state of New Jersey (aka his family). Yes, Dan Moran, a veteran safety guy of nearly 36 years with PSEG, realized he was on to something pretty special from the first time he fired up a smoker in 2009. Unsure exactly what to do with his budding passion, he travelled to BBQ competitions and conferences around the US, became a Certified BBQ Judge and grew his collection of smokers at a rate alarming to his wife. When he finally decided to take his show on the road – literally – his family cheered him on not from the sidelines, but from the back of the truck…because they now make up the pit crew!

Born and raised in the great state of New Jersey, Dan knew the name of his new adventure had to be Jersey Devil Barbeque, in honor of the legendary winged and fork-tailed creature said to roam the Pine Barrens of Southern NJ.

If you ever see a big black truck with flames and a Jersey Devil pig on the side, stop by and say hi. We promise we’re much friendlier than our logo…!

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