Jersey Devil BBQ will be at…

8/20-21: Laurita Truck Fest (11a-9p)
9/3: Working Dog Winery (12-5p)
9/17-18: Knight Train, Phillipsburg NJ (9-6p)
9/24-25: Laurita Truck Fest (10a-9p)
10/8: Central Jersey Craft Beer Fest, Mercer Co. Park (12-5p)
10/22-23: Laurita Truck Fest (10a-9p)
11/12-13: Laurita Truck Fest (10a-9p)

Jersey Devil BBQ has been at…

7/23: Roebling Car Show
7/22: Mercer Automobile Owners Reunion at the Roebling Museum
7/18: Eden School of Princeton
7/17: Working Dog Winery
7/1: July 4 Concert & Fireworks
6/11: Robbinsville Day
5/28/16: Pork Roll Festival
5/22/16: Working Dog Winery 5K
5/21/16: Pennington Day
4/30/16: Laurita Baconfest
10/17/15: Food Truck Fiesta
10/11/15: Working Dog Winery
10/10/15: Central Jersey Brew Fest
9/25-27/15: Italian American Festival
9/13/15: Hamilton Septemberfest
9/10/15: Department of Education
8/22-23/15: NJ Renaissance Faire
8/2/15: East Windsor Concert in the Park
8/1/15: ONE Project Meal Packaging
7/19/15: Unionville Vineyard
7/18/15: Primal Gym Boxing Event
7/2/15: July 4 Concert & Fireworks
6/26-28/15: Freedom Festival
6/21/15: Working a Dog Winery
6/20/15: Cream Ridge Winery
6/19/15: Sayen Elementary Picnic
6/13/15: Robbinsville Community Festival
6/12/15: Mercerville Elementary
6/6/15: Trenton Road Takeout
5/29/15: Modern Recycled Spaces
5/23/15: Working Dog Winery
5/16/15: Pennington Day Street Fair
5/9/15: Big Jersey BBQ & Brew Fest
5/2/15: Princeton Jr School
4/30/15: Ibis Plaza
4/26/15: Working Dog Winery
4/23/15: Department of Education Bring Your Child to Work Day
4/17/15: American Metro Center
4/10/15: American Metro Center
4/7/15: Ibis Plaza

The Crew


The man with the vision, skill and passion to cook all our delicious food.


AKA Mrs. Jersey Devil, the woman who knows the business and who keeps Dan's smoker habit in check.


Our very own BBQ take on the Pine Barren Legend of the Jersey Devil.